Hacking.Law – Deutschlands erster Legal Tech Hackathon #berlinlegaltech2017

von Nico Kuhlmann In English: Illustrated retrospective by host Florian Glatz Am 8. und 9. Februar fand im Rahmen der Berlin Legal Tech 2017 als deren Auftakt der deutschlandweit erste Hackathon zu juristischen Themen statt. An diesem einzigartigen Event haben zirka 100 Teilnehmer aus ganz Europa unter der Leitung von RA Florian Glatz (@heckerhut) und […]

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Why Law Students should get „legal tech-ready“

The legal profession needs technology skills I’ve recently been researching the need the profession has for people with legal technology skills. This has involved meeting people across the profession: from lawyers serving the tech sector through senior in-house counsel who increasingly push lawyers for creative technological solutions as well as legal advice to those in […]

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The „New“ in Legal Education

Read a blog post, article, essay, tweet, or almost anything else covering the practice of law and you will see the word “new” usually followed by “law.” The practice of law has changed, is changing, and will continue to change. New Law includes alternative service providers, new types of law firms, new billing models, and […]

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Bots, Big Data, Blockchain, and AI – Disruption or Incremental Change?

The legal media has lately had a mania for tech headlines. Many commentators claim that tech, especially artificial intelligence (AI), will do something to Big Law. I disagree. Tech more likely will do something in it: incremental change. I start with the case against disruption, then look at four headline-grabbing technologies: AI, Bots, Big Data, […]

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The Triumph of Legal Tech

One might be forgiven for thinking that legal technology, or legal tech, is something new. With exponentially increasing levels of talk of about Artificial Intelligence use in law firms (see below: Defining AI), plus a flurry of stories about machine learning, predictive coding and the latest matter management systems it can feel like legal tech […]

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Legal Tech im Immobilienwirtschaftsrecht – Bedrohung oder Chance?

Der Begriff „Legal Tech“ schmückt die Titelseiten vieler Gründungsgazetten, doch gibt es gegenwärtig noch wenig Innovationen, die erkennbar den großvolumigen Rechtsalltag beeinflussen. Damit bleibt noch Zeit genug für eine Diskussion, was Legal Tech als neue Bewegung allgemein bedeutet, was es für das Beispiel des Immobilienwirtschaftsrechts konkret bedeuten kann und welche Gefahren oder auch Chancen hinter […]

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From Pyramid to Rocket: How Legal Technology will change the Business of Law

Recently, the Boston Consulting Group and the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession published their report on the state and future of legal industry. The key takeaways? Market forces are REAL Tendencies that many law firm partners used to discard as (hopeful?) fads are here to stay. How comes, you ask? Well, let’s consider: Legal […]

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