Why Law Students should get „legal tech-ready“

The legal profession needs technology skills I’ve recently been researching the need the profession has for people with legal technology skills. This has involved meeting people across the profession: from lawyers serving the tech sector through senior in-house counsel who increasingly push lawyers for creative technological solutions as well as legal advice to those in […]

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The Scalable Lawyer

Intangible law firms The Canadian legal market analyst Jordan Furlong recently coined the term „the intangible law firm“. Flesh-and-blood lawyers have traditionally been the only noteworthy distinction between their respective organizations. This led to a particular partner prevalence: „When your enterprise has only one type of asset of value to the market, you don’t own […]

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ELTA Founded in Berlin – A European Community to Strengthen Legal Technology

The European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) which was founded in Berlin last week is a major step forward in building communities that enhance the cause of Legal Tech in Europe and beyond. ELTA is an association of law firms, companies, legal tech providers, start-ups, and individuals with an interest in legal business and legal technology from […]

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