Why Law Students should get „legal tech-ready“

The legal profession needs technology skills I’ve recently been researching the need the profession has for people with legal technology skills. This has involved meeting people across the profession: from lawyers serving the tech sector through senior in-house counsel who increasingly push lawyers for creative technological solutions as well as legal advice to those in […]

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The Scalable Lawyer

Intangible law firms The Canadian legal market analyst Jordan Furlong recently coined the term „the intangible law firm“. Flesh-and-blood lawyers have traditionally been the only noteworthy distinction between their respective organizations. This led to a particular partner prevalence: „When your enterprise has only one type of asset of value to the market, you don’t own […]

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ELTA Founded in Berlin – A European Community to Strengthen Legal Technology

The European Legal Technology Association (ELTA) which was founded in Berlin last week is a major step forward in building communities that enhance the cause of Legal Tech in Europe and beyond. ELTA is an association of law firms, companies, legal tech providers, start-ups, and individuals with an interest in legal business and legal technology from […]

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Webinar: Benefits of Kanban for Legal Teams

Legal Project Management (LPM) was described by Richard Susskind as one of the future professions in the legal industry in his famous book „Tomorrow’s Lawyer“. In short, LPM applies a more systematic and disciplined approach to how legal services could be delivered. Improved legal project management (LPM) enables law firms to: Protect business with current clients Increase new business […]

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Legal (Tech) Podcasts & Audiobooks

von Nico Kuhlmann Hörbücher und Podcasts erleben seit einiger Zeit eine enorme Renaissance. Durch die Allgegenwart des Smartphones sind diese immer und zu jeder Zeit nur ein paar Klicks entfernt. Mittlerweile gibt es auch ein reichhaltiges Angebot mit rechtlichen Inhalten. In Deutschland können Studenten beispielsweise mit den Lehrhörbüchern von Niederle Media für das Examen lernen […]

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Meetup in Berlin: The First Wave of Legal Tech

Wir laden herzlich zu unserem ELTA German Legal Tech & Innovation am 8. September ein. Das Meetup will den Dialog beginnen, wie sich die Rechtsbranche durch den Einsatz von Technologie verändern wird. Referieren werden zwei sehr spannende Legal-Tech-Experten, die sich dem Thema auf unterschiedlichem Wege nähern werden. Agenda: 19:30: Welcome & Socializing 20:00-20:20: Legal Tech als Chance […]

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